Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Rides Been Ridden !

A fantastic event, numbers were down a little because we had been issued a storm warming with 100mm predicted for the day, we didn't get any rain until later in the afternoon and only received 10mm all up !

The tracks were in superb condition, no dust and were nicely bedded in with the 5mm from the day before.

Photos (slideshow)

Plenty of photos, if you want a full sized copy to print out, email me here.

or you can go here to browse the photos.


Youtube has several small videos of various riders, you can go here to see all of them

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Clarence Valley MTB

A huge thanks to Clarence Valley MTB for setting the whole thing up.  Results can be found on the Clarence Valley MTB Facebook site here

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mothers Day MTB Madness @ Nymboida -14 May 2017 !

Our first ever event is on here in Nymboida, we've been working hard with the Clarence Valley MTB Club to get this up and running.  You can find the club info at this link on Facebook.

Our Winter XC Series begins at one of the most beautiful locations in the Clarence Valley, hard to beat for a great Mothers Day out. The trails are some of the best XC trails in the Clarence Valley . Our Club, working with Trevor and Toni, will be expanding the trails in Nymboida in the near future so keep an eye on our facebook page or their website.  These are PRIVATE trails, so you need their permission to ride them.

About the event (14 May 2017)

Registration  will open at 7:30am.
Dirtmasters will start at 8:20 followed by presentation and riders brief at 8:40am
Event will start at 9 am and finish at 12.
Under 15 year will race from 9am to 10 am (1 hour.)

The BBQ will be cooking all day and Toni will be selling fresh coffee and fruit from the property.


For those coming from further afield, camping is available at the Nymboida Canoe Centre, or you may wish to book a cabin for a little more luxury 02 66494155 or via their website here.  The Canoe Centre has awesome facilities for campers including - hot showers, covered BBQ and eating areas, shared fridges for food storage etc and is only a couple km's from the event.

How to get there ?

Coming from Grafton, along the Armidale road through Coutts Crossing then continue to Nymboida, once you pass the Nymboida Canoe Centre, take a right turn at the top of the hill onto Glenns Ck Road, then 7km until you take a right hand turn onto Martin Rd, #41 is on the left, up the driveway and park on the RHS of the drive way with the other cars.

Coming from Grafton ? Google Map here
Coming from Armidale ? Google Map here

or download our handy dandy PDF mudmap

Thursday, November 19, 2015

and so it begins

after a long hiatus, we've started building trail again.  We've enlisted the help of anther young local MTB enthusiast,.  Oliver has been up helping us and learning how to build trail.  He's also keen on building his own trail on his property, hopefully he'll learn from my mistakes and not repeat them at his place

Oliver striking a pose beside the new trail

Here's the start of the alignment for the new trail.

Before any trail work started
Lookin' good !

It uses part of what I think is an old logging track that's about 40 years overgrown, albeit it's turned into more a drain over the decades but it ends up in a nce grove near the base of a cliff.

From there we'll create a hub and send trail in all different directions from there.  That's when the real hard work starts..

Monday, August 11, 2014

2014 Social Ride - 31 August

Social ride is on again !

The wonderfully awesome Nymboida social MTB ride is on again.  Put 31 August 2104 in your calendar for a great ride.  

Ride Flyer

Where: 41 Martin Rd, Nymboida

When: Sunday 31 August, 9:00am

Check back on this site for updates in regards the weather

You can get a great breakfast at Jax Cafe in Nymboida on Sunday before heading out to the ride

Previous Rides

In the past we have had rides that were a great success, with at least  30 to 40 riders attending. Lets hope we get a greater number this year.

Photo's from previous rides

Make a weekend of it ?   Nymboida Adventure Festival

This is the weekend of the Nymboida Adventure Festival being held at the Nymboida Canoe Centre, make a great weekend of it, come out Saturday and stay the night.  Rooms are available, make sure you ring the Centre on 6649 4155 to book a room.  There's also great camping, with hot showers, cooking facilities and BBQ's available

If anyone wants to come out Saturday afternoon and stay Saturday night at Nymboida, we really can recommend the Canoe Center for camping or cabin accommodation, an awesome spot.  If you are wanting accommodation that's a little more private and self contained, the nearby Bullimah Country Retreat is also a wonderful place to stay.

More Information on food, music and entertainment for the Festival can be found on the Nymboida Canoe Centre website

If you have family who perhaps aren't as enthusiastic to ride the awesome trails at Nymboida as you, they can enjoy the Nymboida Markets on the Sunday morning as well as breakfast/ lunch at Jax Cafe in Nymboida.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Phase I and II of the new track Jack 'n Jill are complete.  There is some minor finishing to be done to part of the track but it's completely rideable

The last two bits to be completed were; to finish benching the last 30m at the top...

Trevor riding the last bit that was benched on Jack n' Jill

and to construct a log crossing down the bottom

Bottom log crossing, completed !


A huge thanks to my wonderful partner Toni as always for her awesome work out there once a week and to

Toni riding the new trail

Clayton, an MTB rider from just down the road who has been helping out.

Clayton working hard on the new trail

What next ?

Good question.. We are currently debating two extensions to the new trail to complete it.  Currently it hooks onto Red Ridin' Hood and doesn't comply with the IMBA spoke and hub trail concept that we like to follow. 

We can have a smaller track that links in with the northern part of the trail network at Legbone/Toebone trail hub or we can loop right around up near the Nymboida State Forest and join up with the Footbone/Legbone Trail hub at the top.  The former would be a 2 to 3 month project, the latter would take at least a year and probably longer but would definitely be a long sweet ride :)  

What to do? We're not sure yet, until then we'll just enjoy riding the trails we do have :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jack 'n Jill continues

Jack 'n Jill continues

Nymboida local Clayton has been helping out on the trails lately.  Clayton and his brother Sebastian both enjoy riding them so why not help us build new stuff ? Few hands making lighter work 'n all.  Clayton has been out several times, Sebastian the once so far.  Clayton especially is coming along and getting stuck in, so a great big thank you to him.

Phase I

Clayton hard at it
As always, the trail construction stalwart Toni is supervising, making sure the final finish isn't compromised. Her eye for detail makes the trail look professional and reflects in a smoother ride.  I tend to leave the finish a little "rough"

As always, pictures speak louder than words

Sebastian taking a break under Toni's watchful eye
Tree log crossing coming along

Plenty of obstacles on this trial, it's a little harder, with jumps, berms to "rail", logs to cross, tree stumps to ride over and plenty of other great obstacles, combined with some stepper trail, it makes it a fast, thrilling descent.

Berm is finsihed

More trail features prior to construction

and finished

Phase II

The photo's above are all of Phase I.  This can easily be accessed from Glenn's Ck Rd and will be open quite soon.  Phase II has had the corridor cleared but has not yet been roughed out prior to construction starting. Lots of back breaking pick work to come as the side slope is quite steep.

Top of phase II, side slope is 28% !

The noise !

Ear Plugs ?

Currently we have an influx of Cicadas.  The noise !  Apparently they are very bad once every 5 years or so, this year seems to be it.  They were bad back in 2009, five summers ago, so that seems about right. Definitely above 90dB !  Out in the bush the noise is so loud, ear plugs are needed

Cicada Skeleton

Monday, December 16, 2013

more trail !

More trail....... those are the two words every ardent mountain bikers likes to hear.

Jack 'n Jill !

We have started building the new trail, tentatively named "Jack 'n Jill", as Phase II (we are currently working on Phase I) requires you to go up the hill, albeit no pail of water at the top... who puts a well at the top of a hill anyway ?  The name also fits in with the nursery rhyme theme for the trails on the southside of the property.

(L)Toni - (R) Clayton

Clayton Young made a brief appearance to learn the skilled art of "finishing" the trail, taught by the zen trail finishing master, Toni,.  He seemed amazed at the amount of work that was put into a trail, always wanting to take the "easier" path or just "scratch 'n ride"... au contraire, the trails should be there for a long time and will be ridden often so the last thing you want to do is make them "ordinary".

The trail progresses

Phase I, II and III

Jack 'n Jill Phase I has been roughed out 98% (one corner to go), the build is well under way and finishes with an access to Glenns Ck Rd.  The trail corridor for Phase II has been selected. This part of the trail  involves a long climb on a hand built, rolling contour trail ie LOTS of benching and terminates at a temporary connection to Red Riding Hood.  Phase III has yet to be decided !

Toe Bone - Maintenance

One of the sins I committed when first building was to build a structure that relied on the fasteners for it's strength.  This is verboten under IMBA trail building rules to which we are trying to stick to, the years also showed why.  The decking started to come off.  So out we went to redo it properly.  We felled timber for the decking by using coppicing of local timber right beside the structure, we debarked then left them for several weeks to "cure".

New stringers curing and decking being detached
To fix the problem we had to pull up all the decking, lay stringers beside the current ones, using an Adze to smooth out the difference in the stringers and then reattach the decking.

New stringers atatched, Adze work done

Competed structure, done just before the Social Trail Ride.

Structure now looks great ! The "Log Bridge Ride of D'eath" indeed !